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Financial Services Team

Our Team

Cassandra Zouras 847-907-4611 x118

John Kim 847-907-4611 x124

Kathleen Nimietz 847-907-4611 x104

Kathleen received a B.S.C. in Accounting from DePaul University in 1987. She worked for a large bank in Chicago prior to joining a small public accounting firm in 1994. She has practiced accounting and tax for over 20 years. For more information.

Nicole Terzo 847-907-4611 x103

Nicole joined the Wojcicki & Associates P.C. team in October of 2010 assisting in legal services. In October of 2012, Nicole began working with the tax and accounting clients as the Financial Services Coordinator. For more information.

Sean Mulroe 847-907-4611 x110

Sean Mulroe has been practicing tax account since 2014 after receiving his B.A. in Accounting from the University of Dayton. His focus has been working with closely held businesses and high net worth individuals. For more information.