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Our Firm

Our Mission

To provide CLARITY and FORESIGHT for your personal and financial goals 

Who We Are

When you ask Wojcicki and Mulroe if we have the ability and resources to assist with a solution for you or your business the answer is a resounding "Yes!"

For over a quarter of a century Wojcicki and Mulroe has been delivering solutions to our clients. We have a tradition of being knowledgeable and well versed with client’s personal, business and life situations. Our clients are closely-held, small family or individual businesses. There is no question that business life is tied to personal life and we understand what’s at stake and what it takes. We strive to deliver our mission of adding financial and legal clarity to your business and your life. We will help you understand where it is all headed, allow you to rest easy, keep you protected, and most important ensure that you enjoy the ride.

To deliver upon this mission we continue to recruit top talent and cultivate an amazing and creative Team. To be part of the Wojcicki and Mulroe crew, along with an exceptional skill set, you must be passionate, innovative and energetic. Clients tell us all the time “You guys are not your ordinary CPA’s”. Our resolve is to harvest these traits to continually elevate you and your business. We become vested in you, your business and your life. We are like part of the family and we stand alongside you through thick and thin.

We couple that talent with unprecedented alliances to provide you with depth like no other firm can. From start-up, on-going operations, growth, financing, capital, wealth management, marriage, divorce, succession, sale or merger, we are aligned with trusted professionals with whom we have crafted long-term relationships so that we can bring these resources to your doorstep.

For you, we invest. We invest heavily in talent and technology. Our systems are cutting edge and state of the art. Along with traditional delivery, we can deliver solutions through the latest technologies. We are a completely secure cloud based firm and can deliver solutions through the cloud, portals, mobile devices and more. We make it expeditious, convenient and easy for you.

Being CPA's and attorneys, we have insight that an ordinary firm cannot deliver. Our process starts with extreme attentiveness to your comprehensive needs. This allows us to provide solutions that foster growth, protect you and plan for the unexpected. Your life evolves, and we pay attention.We make sure you are always equipped with the best and latest solutions to ensure that you thrive. We are relentless in this pursuit.

We are your partner in success.